Drilling and completion of wells for water in Latvia


History and experience

LTD "AKVA-M" was founded in 2006 and provides water for residential and large objects - centralized water supply systems in the territory of Latvia (cities, towns, different companies).


Our company employs only qualified specialists in their field. Knowledge and experience of the workers pledge of quality work!

Technical capabilities

LTD "AKVA-M" drilling carries with unit - URB 2.5A. Specifications of the unit can drill wells up to 200m deep, but in practice, where necessary, drilled depth of 245m.

The quality of work and warranty

Our quality is confirmed by the fact that for all the time we have not received not one complaint, and all objects are in good condition. According to current state regulations, each well LTD "AKVA-M" gives the 2-year warranty. Also, we are ready to go to a meeting and you are ready to help you at any time!

Our managers and specialists

Any successful company - it is primarily human. They constitute a powerful human resources, ensuring each client high quality service and support and care in the future.
You will not find another drilling company with an equally skilled team. All specialists AKVA-M - ours, we do not hire anyone from the outside. Each specialist has specialized education and experience in real work.

Ensure full disclosure of AKVA-M is simple: if necessary, you can solve their problems at the highest level - with the company.